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The applications make use of environment variables for configuration settings.

Name Type Description
CACHE_HOST string Redis hostname or ip
DEFAULT_API_QUERY_AUTH_REQUIRED string See DIAS Spec. Passwords via url required
DEFAULT_APP_NAME string Name of application, unique constraint
DEFAULT_GROWTH_WIDGET_ENABLED bool Enable dashboard widget with monthly stats
DEFAULT_HEARTBEAT_INTERVAL_IN_SEC int Application heartbeat interval
DEFAULT_HTTP_BASIC_AUTH_REQUIRED bool Use http basic auth to access api endpoints
DEFAULT_KOALA_NAME string Name of koala installation. Shown in web ui
DEFAULT_NO_INGESTS_EMAIL_TO string Mail recipient(s) on no new ingested packages
DEFAULT_NO_INGESTS_MAX_TIMESPAN_IN_MINUTES int Send mail after x minutes no new packages
DEFAULT_SEND_MAIL_ON_ERROR bool Send email on ingest error or crash
DEFAULT_SEND_MAIL_ON_NO_INGESTS bool Send mail on no new ingested packages after a defined period
DEFAULT_SEND_MAIL_ON_SUCCESS bool Send email on successful ingest
DEFAULT_SMTP_FROM string Email sender
DEFAULT_SMTP_HOST string Email relay hostname
DEFAULT_SMTP_TO string Email recipient(s)
DEFAULT_SMTP_USER string SMTP username
DEFAULT_SMTP_PW string SMTP password
DEFAULT_USAGE_CONSUMPTION_SEND_MAIL bool Do send monthly email with mass storage statistics
DEFAULT_USAGE_CONSUMPTION_EMAIL_TO string Email recipient(s) for statistics email
DEFAULT_WORKAREA_BASE_PATH string Path to work area
FTPINFO_PASSWORD string Passwort for SFTP user
FTPINFO_PRELOAD_AREA string Path to upload area in SFTP Container
FTPINFO_SERVER string Hostname or ip to SFTP upload server
FTPINFO_SSHKEY string SSH public key which is used to allow connections via SFTP instead of username+password
FTPINFO_USER string SFTP username
KOALA_MYSQL_HOST string MySQL hostname
LOADER_7ZIP_PATH string Path to 7zip binary
LOADER_AIP_MAX_FILE_COUNT string Maximum allowed file count in an AIP
LOADER_CIRCUIT_BREAKER_ENABLED bool Automatically disable scheduler on multiple errors of same type
LOADER_CIRCUIT_BREAKER_EXCEPTION_TYPE_MAX_FAILED_COUNT int Max number of unhandled exceptions that leads to opening the circuit, optional
LOADER_CHECK_URN8141_FORMAT bool Checks the external_asset_id against the format defined in RFC 8141
LOADER_DELETE_SIP_ON_ERROR bool Delete SIP instead of moving to errorarea, optional
LOADER_ERRORAREA string Path to error area
LOADER_SIP_MAX_FILENAME_LENGTH string If specified limit maximum filename length in SIP.
LOADER_USE_7ZIP bool Use installed 7zip package for packing and unpacking instead of internal implementation
LOADER_USE_BLOCKSIZE int Blocksize in bytes to use for file hashing, optional
LOADER_CLAMAV_ENABLED bool Defines whether a dedicated clamav instance should scan the SIP for viruses, optional
LOADER_CLAMAV_SOCKET string Unix-Socket which is used to communicate with clamav. Default: /data/clamav/sockets/clamd.sock'
LTP_AIP_BASE_NAME string Filename of the AIP (e.g. aip). Basename and format specify the resulting AIP.
LTP_AIP_FORMAT string Format of the AIP (e.g. zip)
LTP_IMPLEMENTATION string Archival storage backend type
LTP_NFSHSM_AIP_FOLDER string If LTP_IMPLEMENTATION=hsm then path to archival base folder
LTP_OPTIMIZE_FOR_ZIP bool Use updated SIP in uploadarea as AIP. Saves an IO intensive repacking operation but in case of an ingest error the SIP is not re-ingestable because of the updated metadata file.
LTP_TSM_FILESPACE string Use different tsm filespace name. Default: kopal
MDQI_BASEX_PW string BaseX password
MDQI_BASEX_URL string BaseX rest endpoint address
MDQI_BASEX_USER string BaseX username
MDQI_INDEX_WHILE_INGEST bool Save metadata in MDQI during ingest transaction
MDQI_BASEX_CREATE_INDEXES bool Create text and attribute indexes for new databases, optional
MQ_API_PORT string RabbitMQ Rest endpoint and port
MQ_HOST string RabbitMQ hostname or ip
MQ_PORT int RabbitMQ protocol port
MQ_PW string RabbitMQ password
MQ_USER string RabbitMQ username
MYSQL_DATABASE string MySQL database
MYSQL_PASSWORD string MySQL application password
MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD string MySQL root password
MYSQL_USER string MySQL application user
PURGER_HIGH_WATERMARK_IN_PERCENTAGE string Percentage of used disk space which triggers the purger to reclaim space
PURGER_INTERVAL_IN_SEC int Purger check interval
PURGER_LOW_WATERMARK_IN_PERCENTAGE string Percentage of used disk space which makes the purger to stop reclaming space
PURGER_RETENTION_TIME_IN_MINUTES int Minimum time interval the retrieved assets stay in download area
PURGER_CLEANUP_ERRORAREA_ENABLED bool Activate/deactivate the errorarea cleanup process
RABBITMQ_DEFAULT_PASS string RabbitMQ password
RETRIEVER_DISABLE_DIP_AGENT_OVERWRITE bool Do not overwrite metsHdr/agent values in DIP mets.xml
RETRIEVER_FRONTEND string Can be set to form a complete URL with protocol + hostname instead of a relative url
RETRIEVER_RETRIEVE_QUEUE string Retriever queue
RETRIEVER_RETRIEVE_ROUTING_KEY string Retriever routing key
RETRIEVER_WEBSERVER_RELATIVE_ALIAS string Uri segment which causes the web server to rewrite and list disk contents
SCHEDULER_CREATE_INGEST_TICKET bool Create ingest ticket for SIP as soon as the scheduler touches it.
SCHEDULER_INGEST_QUEUE string Ingest queue name
SCHEDULER_INGEST_ROUTING_KEY string Ingest routing key
SCHEDULER_INTERVAL_IN_SEC int Interval the scheduler checks for new SIPs
SCHEDULER_PRELOADAREA string Upload area path
SCHEDULER_SCHEDULED_FILE_EXTENSION string File extension the scheduler uses to mark queued SIPs
SCHEDULER_SIP_FILE_PATTERN string Regex pattern which is used to recognize new SIPs
STATS_INTERVAL_IN_SEC int Statistics refresh interval in seconds
WEB_LDAP_ADMIN_DN string DN of admin user
WEB_LDAP_ADMIN_PW string Password of admin user
WEB_LDAP_BASE_DN string BaseDN for user search
WEB_LDAP_ENABLE bool Enable/Disable ldap auth
WEB_LDAP_FILTER string Filter for user search
WEB_LDAP_HOST string Ldap server hostname
WEB_LDAP_PORT int Ldap port
WEB_LDAP_USE_SSL bool Enable/Disable SSL
WEB_SECRET_KEY string Secret key for sessions
WEB_SSO_AUTHORIZATION_ENDPOINT string OpenID Connect auth endpoint url
WEB_SSO_CLIENT_ID string OpenID Connect client id
WEB_SSO_CLIENT_SECRET string OpenID Connect client secret
WEB_SSO_ENABLED bool Enable/Disable SSO auth
WEB_SSO_ISSUER string OpenID Connect issuer
WEB_SSO_JWKS_URI string OpenID Connect jwks endpoint url
WEB_SSO_PROTO string http/https protocol of client app
WEB_SSO_SCOPE string OpenID Connect scope
WEB_SSO_TOKEN_ENDPOINT string OpenID Connect token endpoint url
WEB_SSO_USERINFO_ENDPOINT string OpenID Connect userinfo endpoint url